Foundation Board

Introducing the Board

Mary Jones

Mary is Chair of the Board and founder of ICDF. Her training is in education and she now directs the ICDF Diploma in Dance Ministry as well as travelling  internationally teaching dance ministry and supporting ICDF work. For many years she was Dean of Dance Studies at Wesley Institute and has recently received ministry credentials.

Rod West

Rod was on the CDF Australia National Committee for 12 years and Coordinator for 10 years. From there he was on the ICDF Steering Committee for 6 years and Assistant International Coordinator for over 3 years. He has had many years experience working in the areas of telecommunications, higher education, mental health, communications and adult education. He has organised a number of conferences and events including ones for CDFA and ICDF.


The Board meets in Sydney, Australia, and is comprised of volunteer workers with legal and financial expertise and extensive experience in the work of ICDF. It is chaired by Mary Jones.

Susan Bond

Susan is a physiotherapist and Pilates instructor with her own business. She has been involved as a State Coordinator and dancer in CDF Australia and is a tutor for the ICDF Diploma of Dance Ministry.

Bruce & Jenny Dennis

Bruce and Jenny have been very involved in supporting the work of the Christian Dance Fellowship in Australia for many years. Bruce is a lawyer and Jenny has performed, choreographed and performed Christian dance works that have been part of large Christian festivals and church services.

Jenny has also been in leadership with CDFA for many years, running conferences and organizing dance events, such as the Abundance Concerts in Sydney. Together they continue to support events and Christians who are involved in serving Christ through dance and the movement arts.

Ilda Wade

Ila is a member of CPA Australia with wide experience in the finance accounting arena working for not-for-profit secular and Christian organisations, corporate and public practice. For many years, Ilda was very involved with and supportive of the work of her late husband Graham Wade in ministry, art and film.

Honorary Auditor

Geoff Chubb

Geoff Chubb is a fellow of CPA Australia. His background is in accounting and
management in Australia, UK, and Canada. He was Administrator of Robert Menzies
 College, Macquarie University, until his retirement. He is married to 
Cathy and has two adult children.

(The ICDFF Board has the capacity to include other members who are not listed on the website due to working in culturally sensitive ministries or places.)

Connecting our faith and calling in movement