Past Flame Awards

2018 Flame Awards


Jennifer Dennis has served in dance and dance leadership since the early days of CDF Australia to the present. Jenny was a member of Prepare Dance Group, on the ICDF National Committee, a NSW Coordinator and presently chairs the ICDF Foundation.


Liesl Townsend has served in CDF South Africa since the early days of ICDF as a dancer and leader. Liesl was a member of Rosemary Raw’s dance company shortly after Rosemary founded CDF South Africa. She went on to form her own company, to become a Provincial Coordinator and then twice the National Coordinator.

Peter Jones Youth Leadership Award


Steven Turner is Youth Coordinator for both CDF Britain and ICDF. He directs Cre8ed4ULord which covers a range of creative arts and artists and is involved in administration, performance, teaching and speaking in churches to promote the creative arts.

Steven also teaches young people with Down’s Syndrome and works on a show with Infusion Physical Theatre which goes into schools to raise awareness of human trafficking. 

2017 Flame Awards


Shelagh Innes moved from Britain to South Africa where she held leadership positions within the Christian Dance Fellowship of South Africa.  Shelagh then moved to Qatar where she set up a gym academy and was elected onto the ICDF Steering Committee.

Shelagh has contributed through her leadership, initiative and fund-raising. She has now moved back to England.


Lucinda Coleman from Perth, Australia, has contributed to dance ministry by her teaching, choreography, dance and creative initiatives.

Lucinda taught dance in a Christian context at Tabor College, Adelaide, before moving to Perth where she formed Remnant Dance and started her PhD.

2016 Flame Awards

Seth Newman (Ghana)

Awarded in recognition of Seth's pioneering work in Ghana in the field of cultural dance as a Christian expression together with founding and leading the Christian Dance Fellowship from 1993. Seth is a senior lecturer in dance at the University of Ghana and has developed the Newman technique which uses cultural Ghanaian dance to Christian songs for evangelism and worship.


Christine and Sodapop Jeanville (France)

Awarded in recognition of Christine and Sodapop's artistic and Christian leadership in France and internationally in dance ministry.   Christine and Sodapop are professional dancers who  pioneered a teaching and performing ministry Machol Dancer La Vie in 2005 and minister extensively in France and many other counties. They lead the dance program each year at the JHOPFAN Convocation in Jerusalem and are Country Representatives for ICDF France.

2015 Flame Awards

Dr Ed Lapiz (Philippines)

Senior pastor, researcher, Founder and Director of Kaloob: Philippine Music and Dance Ministry. Dr Lapiz received a 2015 Flame award for his research work among the many indigenous tribes in the Philippines, discovering, documenting and 'prayforming' their dances with Kaloob.

Mary Hartney (Ireland)

Educator, dancer, choreographer and Founding Co-director of Spoken Dance, a company of disabled and non-disabled dancers. Mary received a Flame Award for her work with integrated dance in Ireland. Mary initiated an innovative integrated dance programme in 2005, which engages disabled and non-disabled dancers in creating and performing dance.

2014 Flame Awards

Annette Sundell-Liljedahl (Sweden)

Choreographer, dancer, teacher and pioneer of dance in the Swedish church.

Kay Quisenberry (USA/Australia)

Working with Sacred Dance Ministries International and Dayspring Dance Ministry.

2013 Flame Awards

Hyungmin Kim (South Korea)

Pneuma Ballet and Professor of Dance at Seoul Christian University.

Pat Noble (Jamaica)

For her work at Praise Dance Academy, and as Founder CDF Jamaica.

2012 Flame Awards

Noelene & Neil Wait (Australia)

Living Word Dance Ministry, CDFA Qld Coordinator

Sue Hodson (South Africa)

Teacher and dancer.

2011 Flame Awards

Paula Douthett (USA/England)

Sacred Dance Ministries International. ICDF Board of Reference and ICDF Foundation Patron.

Karen Sudds (Canada)

Crossings Dance Studio, Founder CDF Canada.

ICDF Coordinator Flame Awards

Lucy Andrew-Park Jarasius (Australia)


Johanna Cardinal (Canada)


Connecting our faith and calling in movement