Words from the Chair

Jenny and Bruce Dennis

Stay strong and keep dancing?

The Board would like to encourage you to stay positive and spiritually strong during this pandemic.  Dance lifts our spirits and trains our bodies to remain strong and healthy.  We need both right now.  Let’s encourage each other to stay dancing and worshipping God, as well as praying and supporting others in dance and ministry during these hard times.  

Here are a few ideas on how you can do so.

Support others                                                

The artistic community has been ‘hit hard’ by the pandemic.  With church services and most types of ‘face to face’ gatherings limited, the opportunity to share physical forms of artistic expression within the Christian and wider community have been lost.  The need to support creatives financially is urgent and challenging.

The Foundation commissioned a dance called Apart...yet together, for World International Dance Day 2020 as a way of encouraging the dance community during the pandemic.  

“I was aware of how crippling the pandemic is for dancers, worshippers, dance teachers and every person involved in the creative process, so I jumped at the opportunity for the Foundation to sponsor a solo on a young dancer affected by the pandemic. My thought was that the dance would offer hope and encouragement to the dance and wider Christian community through the medium of dance,” says Jenny Dennis, Chair of the Foundation.

Please go to Videos to watch this film and News to follow the story of making the dance under strict social isolation rules.

Nominate a Project Award

There are many other ways we can support each other.  You may know Christian dancers that need support in your country?  Every year the Foundation supports eligible projects.

Go to the Project Awards to find out how to nominate a project this year.

Stay Strong in the Lord

A article by Brian Rosner on the ABC Religion and Ethics hour provides great insight into dealing with difficult change and isolation. Bonhoeffer was a pastor, author, church leader in Germany in the 1930s and 40s and imprisoned for his opposition to Hitler. His letters from prison share practical ways to cope with loosing freedom. A encouraging read!

Go to: https://www.abc.net.au/religion/coronavirus-coping-with-disappointments-...

Stay active

Perhaps it is time to take a CaraMayan class with Mary Jones?  CaraMayan is a wonderful way to exercise while meditating on scripture.  The website has numerous resources that may get you started.

Go to: www.caramayan.com/videos

Or what about a dance or exercise class ‘at home’?  Jenny says, “I  have been enjoying regular ballet classes during the time of shut down in Sydney. Despite my knees aching, avoiding the dog and the light fittings,  to pull off a pirouette – it has been fun and very worthwhile!”

The Board wishes you and your family health and strength at this time.  Don’t forget that Gods loves you abundantly (Ephesians 3: 16-19).  In these uncertain times ‘hang on’ to your faith in Jesus, your church community and your online artistic community – ‘be strong, stand firm in the Lord and in his mighty power’.  Ephesians 6:13.  Keep going!  Love to hear from you!

In Christ Jesus

Jenny Dennis and the ICDFF Board

Chair of the ICDF Foundation

Connecting our faith and calling in movement