Past Projects

2020 Indigenous Project

Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander Project 2020 – A dance gathering

The Foundation has been exploring ways to support the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community (ATSIC) gatherings to develop indigenous Christian cultural expression. David Stanfield applied for assistance to continue his work alongside the ATSIC on Elcho Island to develop Christo-centric traditional dances. The project will provide transport and food costs to support a gathering of ATSIC on Elcho Island.  

 This important gathering will enable dance leaders, dancers and Djungaya (the tribe's dance authority or “owners”) to sit together and choreograph a couple of Christo-centric pieces/declarations.

David says, “Developing choreography is a complex process as younger people create the choreography using traditional movements they know from the ‘open’ ceremonies. The Djungaya - who know the deeper meanings of those movements - then advise, modify, forbid, or expand the movements. In most instances the Djungaya no longer dance the movements but choreograph verbally! When a Djungaya does get up and dance, it causes quite a sensation! Recently Danganbarr, one of the most senior women, danced a sacred dance before the funeral of a deeply honoured local leader. Everyone was talking about it for ages.”  

“The financial support,” David continues, “is very appreciated as it will enable people to get away to a homeland - to relax and interact with each other - and create dances. This will enable new Christian song lines to be prepared and danced at Christian funerals and celebrations for the next 4 to 8 years!"

2017 Project Awards

Abiodun Babalola

Abiodun Babalola is a dance teacher in Akure in western Nigeria. He co-ordinates Praise Dance Academy which offers several styles of dance and also teaches in schools preparing the children for events. They also teach church dance groups.

He has recently been appointed ICDF Country Representative for Nigeria and the award will help with finance so he can attend the CDF conference in South Africa to meet other leaders and see how a CDF functions.


Celeste Ollivierre-James

Celeste Ollivierre-James is on the ICDF Steering Committee and is the Connector for the Caribbean. Her award will help her travel to Cuba to visit the ICDF Country Representative, Ailyn Rodriguez Isaac, for mentoring and encouragement.

2015 Project Awards

Wangu Kanja Foundation (Kenya)

For the development of a dance therapy program for women who have been the victims of rape to help them deal with the aftermath of their experiences.


Ailyn Rodriguez Isaac (Cuba)

For pioneering dance ministry by ICDF Cuba as their newly appointed Country Representative. Ailyn is working hard to build a dance group and provide workshops for churches around the country. ICDF Cuba is facing the challenge of limited resources in a country where finances and equipment are often scarce.

  • Find out more about ICDF Cuba.


2014 Project Awards

Dance Link – Linda Wells (USA)

This is a first-time award, which will go towards helping to make a promotional video for dance link.

Visit the website for OM Arts International.


Go d’Artiz – Claudia Far (Australia/Malaysia)

This is a second-time award, which will go to helping the organization of a three day workshop in Sydney in Hip Hop dance for youth.

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2012 Project Awards

Lifenet Children’s Foundation - Mary Rendon (Philippines)

Providing dance and creative arts classes to children with a vision to reach, restore, and resource.

Go d’Artiz - Claudia Loh and Mervin Yong (Australia/Malaysia)

Offering hip hop, Latin, urban choreography and more for street teens.

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2011 Project Awards

Uitenhage Dance Company – Helene Prince (South Africa)

Offering dance courses for children and adults. Their training covers praise and worship as a lifestyle, flags, tambourines, mime and dance drama, amongst other topics. The award will be used to invest in resources.

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Clair Young (Indonesia)

For her work providing dance therapy for needy children and dance company performances.

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