Online Movement Workshops

ICDFF Online Movement WORKSHOPS: 

l i g n m e n t  |  B r e a t h  |  C o n t r o l
are a series of dance workshops commissioned by the International Christian Dance Fellowship Foundation.

The integration of contemporary dance movements with scriptures, to original music and set within beautiful Australian landscapes, make these workshops so inspiring and watchable.  The work is led by a group of young dancers from a Perth based church group, called fAITHdANCE, with sincerity and a fresh approach to combining contemporary dance movement with Christian themes. 

Each workshop explores a movement concept which invites the integration of body, mind, soul, spirit, through learning short dance phrases which culminate in a guided dance. The first workshop on Alignment explores dynamic and neutral alignment. The relationship of the skeleton with the line of gravity facilitates freedom of movement and reduces risk of injury. The second workshop on Breath explores why the use of correct breathing is important for dancing. The third workshop on Control explores who or what is in control when you dance.

The workshops have been developed in response to biblical scripture, as dancers move and pray together. 

The dance phrases are more suitable for people with some experience with contemporary dance, though adjustments to the movement can be made to accommodate for a greater range of ability or a different class situation.  The workshops are also good teaching material for leaders of church- based dance groups who can adjust the movement language for their own group.

Be careful to work on a safe floor area with uninterrupted space to participate in the - work. Take responsibility for your own body and proceed carefully.

These workshops have been designed to strengthen your body and encourage your Christian walk through movement- based reflections. We hope you will be uplifted.


Directed by Lucinda Coleman

Produced by fAITHdANCE

Filmed & Edited by Luca Macchiusi

Dancers | Facilitators: Sarah Christopher, Samantha Coleman, Georgina Earl, Claire Forrest, Marcella Teo

Workshop Material | Choreography: Lucinda Coleman, Samantha Coleman

Costumes by Emily Grace

Soundscape Composer | Musician | Audio Engineer: Joel Waddell

Musical Collaborator: Sarah Christopher  

North & Solace by Pyramid Lake: Simon Bint, Joel Waddell, Chris Field - courtesy of the artists & used with permission

Your Love by Sarah Christopher - courtesy of the artist & used with permission

Commissioned by the ICDF Foundation in partnership with Mount Pleasant Baptist Church and Mount Pleasant College, WA

Funded by the ICDF Foundation with the support of fAITHdANCE collaborators and members of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, WA


All rights reserved © ICDF Foundation, Australia, 2022


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Connecting our faith and calling in movement